A day spent in Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov is gorgeous town in the south of the Czech Republic and its old town is in UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992.

If you are thinking to spend there a weekend, it’s definitely worth it. On the top of the small hill in the middle of the town is situated State Castle Český Krumlov, where you can buy various tickets for sightseeing tours. I was just in church tower, but if you have time and you are fan of tours and museums, and of course your brain capacity allows you to remember all information, you should definitely buy the ticket for some tour. From the tower you can see the whole city and also surrounding hills and river Vltava, which flows through the capital city – Prague, too. Castle gardens have to be really marvelous during spring or summer time, unfortunately I visited Český Krumlov in the winter, so this part of city wasn’t very attractive. But it definitely has to be magic in the winter when it’s covered by snow, but I also missed this. Never mind, the city could offer me other places to see.


There was the way from gardens down to the center, so I didn’t have to go the same road, and thanks to it I got directly to the St. Vít Church. Some streets here are very narrow, and I could see live how skilled has to be driver. But I think the guy I saw was not allowed to go on that street with a car. Close to the church is main square where was situated Christmas market offering you hot white and red wine, sweets, food, toys, decorations atc.

In summer time it has to be really nice to sit on a bench along the riverside of Vltava, or, rent a boat and go rowing. German impact on the city is visible by its architecture, and also by the tourist, which were mostly Germans and of course Asians. You could also notice the signs which were except for Czech also in German language and even in one of the Asian languages. If you are traveling in Czech Republic, you shouldn’t miss this place.


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